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Mutazione News: Free 7 Story Gardens update for Garden Mode!

Mutazione News: Free 7 Story Gardens update for Garden Mode!

As part out our touted Anniversary Season (it's a thing!), we're delighted to announce a brand new, and free major update across all platforms!

Return to Mutazione today to discover 7 additional unlockable gardens, with new seeds and sounds, available on all platforms (rolling out across timezones over the next 24 hours). One year after launch, this content update expands on Mutazione's (award-winning and critically acclaimed!) magical musical gardening, adding all seven Story Mode gardens to the standalone Garden Mode, where you can compose generative symphonies out of your planting. As well as the seven new gardens, there are several new seeds and new sounds added, for you to seek out, collect, and experiment with to create your perfect audio composition. Features:

  • 7 unlockable Story Mode gardens, now in Garden Mode! Explore a brand new variety of soils and environments in Garden Mode.
  • New seeds and sounds to collect, grow, and listen to.
  • Build beautiful ambient compositions, in the company of some of your favourite characters, as they visit and relax in the background. Journey to the island of Mutazione to discover its hidden secrets, or revisit as composer of your own botanical symphony by downloading the game today!

PlayStation 4 | Steam | Apple Arcade

A gif shows Spike sitting on a rock by the Beach Garden, fishing calmly, as a sunset blazes behind him, and the Beach Garden has musical notes drifting into the sky above it.
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