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Welcome to Our New Site!

Welcome to Our New Site!

We've had a fairly outdated website for a few years now, while we've been working to finish up Mutazione, and now we finally have a little time to update our online look, and to make a space which is a little friendlier to communicating more regularly with the outside world.

We're writing this in the midst of a year cancelled by COVID-19, and as health and wellbeing is absolutely a priority, we're trying to think about how we can share our work and processes with the wider game dev community in online, rather than events spaces.

That means blog posts, podcast episodes, image galleries and more!

We're stoked to share more with you soon, and in the meantime, stay safe, stay well, stay indoors.

CEO and Creative Lead at Die Gute Fabrik, Writer and Narrative Designer on Mutazione.
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